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Federal Firearm License

Please read the following instructions to get started with your firearms transfer.

Step 1

1. Purchase your firearm and have it shipped to us at NW Arsenal. Please have seller email us for a copy of our FFL .

Step 2

Once your Firearm is received PLEASE ALLOW 24-48 hours for us to process the firearm. Sometimes within 24-48 hours someone from NW Arsenal will contact you to schedule an appointment to initiate the transfer process.

Your NW Arsenal appointment the process will entail:

  1. Paying $50 transfer fee + $10 background check. $10 per additional firearm. The non-refundable payment is due on or before the initiate transfer step.
  2. Providing Government issued photo identification with current address.
  3. Complete your Federal Firearms Transaction Record (ATF-4473)
  4. Completion of a Firearms Instant Check System

Storage Fees

All firearms in NW Arsenal possession are subject to a monthly storage fee of $30.00 per month per firearm under the following circumstances:

  1. Client does not schedule an appointment with NW Arsenal within thirty (30) days after initial contact* has been attempted
  2. Client does not schedule an appointment with NW Arsenal to pick up firearm within thirty (30) days of NW Arsenal attempted contact* for pickup.

*These charges will not apply to the first thirty (30) days after initial contact attempt, initial appointment, or pick-up appointment contact attempt, unless client does not schedule in which case charges will be applied to first day after attempted contact for appointment or firearm registration issuance.

All transfer fees/storage fees must be paid before the release or transfer of said firearm from NW Arsenal.​

Abandoned Inbound Transfers

Firearms transferred to NW Arsenal are considered abandoned if the transfer process is not initiated within 120 days from when the firearm is received at our shop, if no appointment has been made with NW Arsenal within 120 days of the initial appointment,. Abandoned firearms will be disposed to the possession of NW Arsenal.


All applicants denied by Oregon State Police (OSP) may appeal their decision but must inform NW Arsenal of their intent to do so in writing. All applicants in the appeals process must update NW Arsenal every thirty (30) days with the current state of the appeal. Failure to notify NW Arsenal will result in the assessment of storage fees and/or abandonment after 120 days.

By transferring a firearm to NW Arsenal you agree to all of the above terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Contact Us or 541-833-2762.