Range Prices

Shooting Range Prices

  1. Add rifle/shotgun endorsement for an Extra $50
  2. Memberships include range access for $10 (60% Off)
  3. One guest (same lane) price $10 (60% Off)
  4. Rental Handguns $5 (50% Off)
  5. Two Free Background Checks per Year. This equals a $20.00 value.

Gun Rentals

Handgun Rentals. Page 1

Handguns Rentals. Page 2

Machine Gun Rentals. Page 1

Machine Gun Rentals. Page 2


Protection Gear

Pistol Cartridges

Frangible Rifle Cartridges

Frangible Shot Shells

To shoot rifle cartridges and shotgun shells here you have to be a member with a rifle/shotgun endorsement on your membership. Become a member.

Purchase Hevi Shot Ammo

Some great things about the Hevi Shot are that they offer Non-Toxic lead-free frangible 12GA shot, We’re also looking into some slugs for the near future. A great thing about adding the 12GA ammunition to our range ammo choices is that we can now have Defensive Firearms Instruction run tactical shotgun courses in our range!

And at less than a dollar per bullet, with its great performance from a company that has been making Shotgun shells exclusively since 2000 out of Sweethome, Oregon.

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