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Ggg Smc 1 To 3 Assault Pack Black


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The SMC 1-3 Assault Pack is specifically designed for fast action. Store your NODs, outer layers, or collected evidence in a handy daypack. Expand the inner compartment to go from a 24 hour pack to a 3 day pack in a matter of seconds. This Assault Pack can be attached to the back of the SMC Plate Carrier or other SOCOM issued carriers. Alternatively, pull out the internal low profile shoulder straps for stand alone use without a parent carrier.

Features :

  • The back of the pack is lined with a hard plastic liner to prevent stored equipment with hard edges from poking you in the back
  • Compatible with SMC Plate Carrier
  • Stand Alone or used with a Plate Carrier


Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 15.30 × 11.20 × 2.20 cm

Gear, Ghost, Grey






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