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Rise Super Sporting Trig Curv


There are many vital components in an AR. Items like bolt-carrier groups, upper receivers, and handguards all play a role. They come together to form one of the most popular firearm platforms in the U.S. But of all the parts and pieces, only one offers a direct interface between the gun and you: The trigger. This unsung hero sitting inside the lower receiver is the start of every fired shot.

Features :

  • Clean break with a short reset
  • Enhanced accuracy by minimizing gun disturbance
  • Allows faster initial and follow up shots when compared to a standard trigger
  • Curved trigger blade for enhanced control and lighter feeling pull weight
  • Single stage trigger system
  • Drop safety feature
  • ,Features a special-edition eagle design and the phrase ,Live Free or Die, on the housing,
  • Unit weight: 2.6oz

Rise Armament


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